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08 March 2009

Satyam Saga

Originally written on Jan,11, 2009 uploading on blog
I am positive & confident on satyam will take one to two or in the extreme three months to bounce back....
Things will evolve in coming days but i don't know how it will take shape
Fair enough i feel
1) existing major shareholder like ICICI fidility & other major FII should put 1000 crore in company.
2) clean up existing financials
3) bring in strategic investor (big software MNC) with  25%  to 30 % stake at 3000 crore
with this & new board at satyam, uncertainty will be over & things will come to normal
4) if needed there can be salary cut across all employee at 20 %  ( I think 80% things are right for satyam & 20 % are gone wrong) & no firing for employee
5) Govt should not take his own benefit & play politics in the whole play (things can go worse if it happens)
Below is Valuation of Satyam: