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30 December 2017

|| Shree Ganeshaya Namah || Advisory Service Deactivated

At the new beginning, we usually have a ceremony.
Ceremony usually begins mentioning its grace of god i.e. || Shree Ganeshaya Namah ||

Can an end also be marked with grace and blessings of god :)?

With grace of god I am deactivating stock market advisory service business from 01-Jan-2018 :D

Looking back…

I made a humble beginning in year 2011-12.
In first year of business operation, I did not get any customer. Guess, having worked in finance domain in past, I don’t had marketing experience.

In later years I work on marketing and got clients from India as well as abroad.
Lots of overwhelming & dramatic result happened post launch of mobile app, which got 1500+ download in just three months of launch.

In 2011-12 securities market business environment was open / liberal in India. In later years it got complicated with new contradictory regulations in 2013, 2014 & 2016, which are taking securities market business to license raj era officially.

It’s strange but true that I am taking this decision in “Modi Sarkar Raj” which won election on promise of ease of doing business and Make In India. But in reality Modi says “Only rich institutions should do business in India” there by denying wealth creation opportunities to 130,00,00,000 Indians

Intention of blog is not to blame someone, but together we can understand each others view point. May each person of India take benefits of development and growth of country.

Below are blogs written in this regards

Whats next

My registration is valid till 2019
I will wait for SEBI takes call on it own consultation paper issued in 2016. If on or before 2019, SEBI’s call on consultation paper is “ease of doing business”,
a) I may activate / start offering paid advisory service
b) Else post SEBI’s call on consultation paper, I don’t mind even offering free advisory service to people via existing set up like blog / facebook / twitter / mobile app in open media and in return / asking people to make charity or help other people
c) I may choose to close down advisory from proposed deactivation status
It’s preferred to have predictable legal environment.

Thanks you and as always enjoy, keep smiling & blessings
Happy Investing

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  1. This is quite disappointing. I hope Government realise the difficulty small business/ consultants are facing and correct the situation.

    Your research were quite in depth.

    - Sourabh