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04 November 2013

Market update: Silver lining (Optimism) continues…Beginning of new era

Wish you all readers Happy Diwali & Happy Investing

In the previous blog on 15th Sep we had mentioned “If market can hold 19000+level till month end…….optimistic hope for future…..ample numbers of stocks are appearing positive.

Sensex was at 19732, which saw fall to 19379 at Sep end…& thereafter it is rising.

We had mentioned couple of stocks for investment on this blog. Most of which had appreciated.

In coming few months market will see valuation discounting for FY 2014-15 numbers…..also there will be volatility for
: Lot’s of FII inflow is leading current rally…FII usually tends to sell on negative news
: Fed tapering of stimulus
: Election happening in 2014…..

Market tends to overstretch itself in up-move as well as down-move creating situation of undervaluation or overvaluation… previous blog we advised for investment….may be the upcoming rally will give opportunity to reshuffle portfolio.

Beginning / foundation for new era

In 1990-1998 we saw Sensex making top around 4000+ level & falling thereafter….1995 /1996 to 2000 we saw a major rally in software stocks….from 2003 to early 2008 we saw bull market….

….In Apr-2009 we mentioned on blog about uptrend (Mousam Badal Raha hai….Marekt is changing itsDirection) in market (Sensex 10803) …..followed by blog in Jan-2011 (Sensex 18860) we updated change in direction to down (Mousam badal raha hai …. Reorientationrepositioning ….unfolding mystery)…..we believe currently market is at major junction which can mark / make foundation for new era -new beginning…..

Any purchase/sale of a stock involves a high degree of investment risk. Caution all investors that they may lose some or all of their investment if they decide to purchase any stock listed here.