India, Keep Rising !!

16 January 2011

Mousam badal raha hai …. Reorientation repositioning ….unfolding mystery

Looking back ... last two years there is one way up movement in market ….. Market has reached almost all time high …. & now sliding down

Strong support

Some panic selling expected to continue & market will slide down further ….comparing with last time fall of 2009, market hold considerable good support zone between 18000 & 17500 ….will see a lots struggle (Kabhi down toh kabhi up : daily or intraday) between bulls & bears at support zone in coming few months

Extreme support

….though there are numerous strong till 15750 in case something tremendous go wrong in world….prima facie market may not below 17000…

Unfolding mystery …. In coming months

…if market makes base at support zone, next rally it will break previous all time high & will make touch 24000 & more ( premature time to comment) …. & offshore there will be good buying opportunities in support zone for medium term in coming months

Indian economy is doing good except food inflation caused by some @##%!# factors …. Global economy outcome come to know when there are some burst happens …. Over a period most of countries has printed notes in huge volumes & I think some economist need to predict down side of printing currency.

Watch very closely support zone



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