India, Keep Rising !!

23 June 2016

Fragile Europe Grexit, Brexit & so on….

What happens if you build a 100 story building and, afterwards you come to know that its pillars are weak / structural defect…..

1)     Structural defect
In 1947 One rupee was equal to one dollar
Now its 67 rupee equal to one dollar
Just for imagination, think if in 1947 India & America had come together to form a joint single currency. Would it have been progressive or regressive?

Single currency may not work well as nations have divergence / dissimilarity 

Due to financial imbalance it was Grexist, now labour / immigration imbalance it’s Brexit

2)     Marriages are celebrated & divorces are flip-flop 
If a country wants to leave EURO, can there be step by step, say 15 or 25 years planned separation process / peaceful exit / soft landing 
Any hasty separation is likely cause more damage.

Wish for win-win outcome for all countries!!

This is not a stock market update so no disclaimer / disclosure
Happy Investing