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15 July 2014

Market Update: Book Profit, Reshuffle Portfolio

In previous blog

“….we believe currently market is at major junction which can mark / make foundation for new era -new beginning”

ii) 17-May-2014 (Market update: Beginning of new era…A Multi Year Bull Market) I had mentioned “…I believe its beginning of multiyear bull market….”

Long term trend continues to be up & we are seeing a bull market now & will see it in years to come.

From last Aug-13 to current month i.e. May-14, we have seen a strong & vibrant rise in market. Unlike 2011 & early 2013 market reaching high (19000+ level), which saw rise mostly in large cap, current rally saw participation of “B” Group stocks as well. We have seen sharp rise in stock prices.

Broadly in coming days, I see opportunity to

1) Book profit especially where valuation has risen too fast than the fundamentals of stock.
2) Reshuffle portfolio, where we are getting good valuation from current holding, but we feel some other stock will outperform market by large margin.

Happy Investing

Any purchase/sale of a stock involves a high degree of investment risk. Caution all investors that they may lose some or all of their investment if they decide to purchase any stock listed here.