India, Keep Rising !!

18 May 2014

India Aspires For Glorious Golden Future :) Cheers !!

BJP led NDA party has got unprecedented victory in Lok Sabha Election 2014.

Some facts about election
  • High voter turnout during election
  • People rise above caste politics
  • People rise above freebies politics
  • People vote for development
  • Everyone wishes to rise & be successful

Here are some of quotes from Mr Narendra Modi’s speech post election result.

"Irrespective of who is in the opposition, I want to take everyone along. To run the government and country we want to take everyone along"

"It is the government's job to think for the people. People of this nation have given a verdict. The verdict says that we have to take India forward."

"This is the power of people, which will shape the future of India. You trust me and I trust the people of India. It is the citizens of the country who will lead it into the future."

"Sabka saath, sabka vikas (with everybody, development for all) is our motto,"

देश चल पड़ा है, युवा चल पड़े हैं, हमें कदम से कदम मिलाना है, भव्य, दिव्य और समृद्ध भारत बनाना है “

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