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24 April 2019

Non Renewal Of Investment Advisor Registration

Below is copy of letter send to SEBI 







To ,
Mr Naveenji Gupta
Securities and Exchange Board of India, Investment Management Department, Division of Funds - 1, Plot No. C4-A, “G”- Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400 051 India

Subject : Non renewal of registration

Dear Naveenji,
Kindly note as informed in earlier email and letter, advisory service was deactivated from 01-Jan-2018

My SEBI’s registration was offered for period 2014-19. Not sure why on SEBI’s website registration is showing as perpetual

Kindly note SEBI does not decide anything / outcome /call on consultation paper issued by SEBI in 2016

I do not wish to make any more charity to SEBI for registration / renewal fees or to NiSM for exam fees. I do not wish to pay for renew registration for investment advisory

Thanks for SEBI for institutionalizing securities market business in India. In 2018 except index and few other stocks, market was down / saw correction. Institutions promoted SIP in down market. Same institutions promoted SIP in 2015 down market and ULIP around 2006-2008 era

Periodically, every few months in 2015, I advised clients to stay away from market. Prior to demonetisation, I advised clients about upcoming correction in market.
In recent time, market confirm bottoming out in early 2019 or on day of India’s air strike on Pakistan. How many institutions come forward and advice investors to invest more money ppp?

Investor does not understand stock market. Thanks to SEBI for bringing investor at the mercy of institution for their return on investment. Institutions are more keen for their profit over investors benefits

Organisations like DRDO, ISRO RBI, UIDAI, TRAI has taken India to next level of growth and excitement. They made Indian’s proud

SEBI has taken Indian securities market to license raj era through series of complex regulation / unpredictable legal environment / regulations favouring business to institution over individual advisor or want want only few institution control majority market share of securities market business

In dotcom boom around year 2000, no one put restriction on websites. In smartphone boom, no one put restriction on mobile apps. When Jio launched mobile service, TRAI did not put restriction on usage of mobile calls / data on Ambani family / Jio securities market SEBI puts restriction on doing business for investment advisors and continues to create mess for investors

Below are links of various blogs written in past on securities market

Planet earth is ascending to higher level of consciousness. Not sure how many more years SEBI will be able to hold dreams of 125+ crore Indian people ? Wish better wisdom prevails and prosperity for all

Future plans
Apparently SEBI’s regulation least affected to business of CNBC TV18 TV channel, business continues as usual. Anuj can talk about two stocks on bazaar morning call” without risk profiling / KYC / stringent regulation restrictions, so are there number of people talks positively / negatively on channel (with or without recommending stocks)

In late 1980 or early 1990, broadcasting used to cost a few hundred crores. But now with technology evolution, with almost zero cost channel can be launched via Youtube. At future date / subject to SEBI’s call on consultation paper issued by SEBI in 2016, I will explore possibility / launch own stock market investment advisory channel on YouTube / suitable open online media

On consultation paper 2016 & securities market environment
I guess after coming out with multiple regulation / creating complex regulatory environment, SEBI is finding difficult to take call on SEBI’s own consultation paper issued in way back 2016. If you want I can offer simplified, fair and transparent regulation / legal structure for securities business in India

SEBI can’t handle its job properly, so now SEBI planning for SRO. If I find SRO offer “ease of doing business” in India, I may renew my registration

Thanks a lot
With lots of love and happiness

Atul Gandhi

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